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asylum rp
hello. you can do this rp by picking  one asylum and  one  doctor 
psmh  protect  secure mental health hamilton's asylum 
this asylum has  high security , and has a bunch of rooms for patients . such as a swimming pool and a game room. the  buildings  has  35 floors and the  rooms  got  up to  1033. if your a dangerous patient you'll be forced to wear a bracelet  that will shock you if you leave the  building's   grounds or  if you disobey. 
the  doctors you can choose from 
dr. mark 

dr. macolm 

dr. mavis 
Triton's asylum 
this asylum has good security but not good as the  other asylum. it has 25  floors . the rooms go up to 745.
they do have a play room and a  court yard . if your a dangerous patient  your be forced to be i n isolation with a straitjacket on  until the warden
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sooo bored i want a rp partner
hello every one i bet this is the 4th time i posted something about rp
so yeah . i'm maybe looking for a  long term rp partner but you don't have to be a long term if you don't want to.
good grammar : i don't mind if you get mixed  up there their and they're , but at  least have  good spelling and  make sure your  sentences make sense. 
tell me the truth : if you  don't  like what i am doing please tell me. i can comprise and try new stuff if you  want me to. 
i'm not scary . I rather you tell me what's wrong about the rp and then going along with it
Be interesting : i have to say it a lot with  some of the people i rp with because it gets  annoying  doing the same  old thing  in the  rp. when i rp it gives me ideas for stories or  drawings i could do. 
use [] : if you have to tell me something out of rp please use these []
that is all of the rules but i have more stuff to te
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secret santa present part one
This is  for RocketKittyXD
i am going to  give you two presents from your  list but this is  your  first one. 
I have to say it was hard to think of something  not  too cliche but i have tried and  it is  christmas after all.
so here it is 
the  first one I was think of changing  the roles in the  plot 
your  hero can be  look as a villain . Your a evil ruler who keeps your  town isolated. one new guy comes in and  disobeys. You try to kill him but the  villigers gang up on you , but you know that guy who came here did something to change your  life.
This one remind me  of a cliche they use in love stories . you know the  one where that have to marry someone that they don't  like or  don't  know. In this world your destine to be with some one. your character is destine to be w
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Every animal's end You can Critique it if you to
 Humans are like pigs when it came to Thanksgiving. They’ll eat more , more and  more. Until they get all fat  or die from a heart attack. The word feast brought fear in every farm animals mind. Being brutally murder or get their children taking away from them was not a good site.  From what I heard they take you to a slaughter house and they will stab your neck into a hook. Which connects to a conveyor  belt.
 The  prized possessions on thanksgiving are not  cow or pig , but it was  turkey.  It was usual to waking up to the  smell of  gas  themes.  I open my eyes to the  same old site. A blank gray small room with a huge metal door with bars.  With the space for what have man given me.
 I couldn’t even stretch or run around. Thump , Thump , Thump. I heard man coming in holding a taser with  him.  By looking at the movement of the man’s mouth , I knew he was yelling.  &
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A- Z demons
Abaddon - King of the Demons of Hell. Also known as Apollyon (Greek).
Abigor - Rides a horse and carries a scepter and lance. In Hell he commands sixty legions of devils
Adramelech - A demon of Hell where his job is Chancellor and President of The High Council of Devils.
Aguares - Commands thirty legions of devils in Hell. Is also the Grand Duke of Eastern Hell.
Akop - A demon from the Philippines who preys on widowed people.
Alocer - A Grand Duke of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of devils.
Amduscas - A Grand Duke of Hell who commands twenty-nine legions of devils.
Andras - Marquis of Hell who commands thirty legions of devils.
Angul - A demon from the Philippines who kills people with an axe.
Apepi - A serpent demon who in ancient Egypt was in opposition to the sun god Ra.
Apophis - A serpent demon who stalks at night.
Asmodeus - A devil who was banished to the desert by Raphael.
Astaroth - In hell he is The Lord Treasurer and the Grand Duke of Western Hell.
Astarte - A heath
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Mature content
my dark Phobia :iconanimeandcreppypastas:animeandcreppypastas 0 4
Daniel's check up 1
*Amanda goes  in Daniel's room*
(Amanda) morning  Daniel
(Daniel) oh hi
(Amanda) mark wants you for a  checkup
*he  frowns*
(Daniel) really
(Amanda) yeah sorry
*Daniel gets  nervous*
*he  starts to sweat*
(Amanda) calm down
(Amanda) I will be  there
(Amanda) ok
(Daniel) fine
*Daniel and  Amanda walk into room 45*
(Mark)  morning Daniel
(Daniel) h--Hi
(Amanda) he 's nervous mark
(Mark) oh
(Mark) if you keep being like  that your  going to faint
(Daniel) I'll try to stop
(Mark) here  come  over
*Daniel walks  over to mark*
(Mark) it's ok
*Daniel calms down*
(Mark) ok lets start
*mark looks at Daniel's eyes*
(Mark) here follow my hand 
(Daniel) ok
(Mark) your eyes  look good
(Mark) now
(Mark) say  awww
(Daniel) awwwww
(Mark) nice you have  been cleaning
*Mark checks Daniel's ears*
(Mark) good good
(Mark) can you lay down
(Daniel) um ok
(Daniel) are you going  to
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myth's thearpy session 1
*Richard walks in to myth's room*
(Richard)  Hello myth
(Richard) How are you doing?
*Myth glanced over at him ''Why should I tell you?''*
(Richard) I need to know
(Richard) I know it's hard
(Richard)I’m sorry for your families death
(Myth) ''So what?''
(Richard) you know why your here right''
*NO'' she huffed*
*Richard sighs you got to stop thinking about it*
*Richard takes out myths case files *
*She glanced away and said nothing*
(Richard) Come on
(Myth) ''w-what?''
(Richard) What’s wrong?
(Myth) ‘‘Nothing;
(Richard) You don't trust me
(Richard) Right
(Myth) ''So what?''
(Richard) I am here to help you can you please tried to talk
(Myth) ''NO"
(Richard) How did you feel about their death?
*She said nothing*
(Richard)When did it start?
(Richard) You hearing those people
(Myth) ''What people''
(Richard) The police told me about you hearing people screaming and you hurt one of the police officers
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mikusi's thearpy session 1
*Mark walks into mikusi's room*
(Mikusi) Marky
*mikusi hugs  mark *
(Mark) you seem happy
*mark sits  down and  takes  out  mikusi case files*
(Mark) you have been getting  better
(Mikusi) really
(Mark) well yeah
(Mikusi) can I can I please go outside  in the real world like the other patients for a short time
(Mark) not yet
*Mikusi frowns* 
(Mikusi) why
(Mark) we still have  some stuff to go into
(Mark) did you take your  medicine this  morning
(Mikusi) yeah
(Mark) well Jessica told me you got  angry at her and  threw your  pills  on the ground
(Mikusi) yeah so
(Mark) you need  take your  medicine
*mikusi pouts*
(Mikusi) why do I
(Mark) it's going to make you feel better
(Mark) also taking your  anger out
(Mikusi) yeah so I punch a few people what's the problem they were being mean to me
(Mark) not all the time
(Mark) you punch Rodrick in the face and nearly broke  some of
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Melody's thearpy session 1
*Melody gets  out of  her  room*
*She slips and falls to the  floor*
(Richard) you ok
(Melody) yeah right I'm  ok
(Richard) Nurse can you get me a  wheelchair please
*Richard puts melody  in the  wheelchair*
(Richard) You shouldn't get out  of your room
(Richard) you should  called  me so I can carry you
(Melody) I hate this chair
(Richard) why do you
(Melody) it keeps me back for everything
*Richard goes  into room 56*
(Richard) I wanted  to talk to you lately
(Melody) ok what  is it
*Richard  takes  out  melody 's case files*
(Richard) you have  been angry all the  time and  depress lately and your not taking  your  medicine
*Richard grabs melody's  hand*
(Melody) don't  touch me
*Melody slaps Richard's hand*
*Richard writes some notes  down in his  note pad*
(Melody) It's my body an  I can  only touch it
(Richard) Wh
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Mikusi sensitivity treatment 1
*Amanda walks into mikusi's room*
(Amanda) Can you come  with me
(mikusi) no
(mikusi) i'm playing right now
(Amanda) you  know the drill
(mikusi) no
*Amanda sighs*
*Amanda picks up mikusi*
(mikusi) put  me down
(Amanda) no I can't
(mikusi) why
(Amanda) We need get  your treatment done
(mikusi) no no no no
*Mikusi kicks Amanda in the  belly and  runs away*
(mikusi) I have to try to get out of her  it's my only chance
*Mikusi bumps  into mark*
(Mark) Where are  you going we need start
(mikusi) no i'm not  doing it again no no no
*Amanda tackles mikusi and puts her  to sleep*
(Mark) can you bring her to room 897 for me
(Amanda) yes doctor
*Mikusi wakes up with a half shirt and shorts on and restrained to a metal table*
(mikusi) come on not this again let me out
(Amanda) we can't we have to do it
(mikusi) no you don't
(Mark) These treatments  are helping you and later you will be  fre
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tony therapy session 1
(William) Morning Tony
*tony groans*
 (Tony) really I want my sleep
(William)it's  10:00 and  I want to talk to you 
 (Tony) I 'm mad at you so I am  not listening
(William) Why are you 
 (Tony) Because of  your  punishment
(William) you need time  alone and I want to talk about it
*William takes out tony's case  files*
(William)ok lets start
(William)Amanda has been telling me you have angry more and  depressed.
 (Tony) Yeah so how  is that a  problem
(William)i'm am  here to help you in need you to try helping  yourself
(William)What happen yesterday 
 (Tony) I lost a game of candy land and a guy made  fun of  me and I punch him
(William) and  
 (Tony) he  punch me
(William) and 
 (Tony) I ram him into the wall
(William) There's  the  problem
 (Tony) what
(William) you could of told  one  of  the&
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lisa therapy session 1
*William walks into lisa 's room*
(William) hi lisa
*Lisa stays silent*
(William) You don't like talking do  you
(William) Um lisa  do you like talking to me
(Lisa) Yes
(William) ok
(William) Have  you been sleeping ok
(Lisa) no
(Lisa) I have  nightmares every night.
(William) Oh
*William right some notes  down in his  not  pad*
(William) What happens in your  dreams
(Lisa) Well I'm  was  strapped to a chair and I watch my family die
*William writes more notes down*
(Lisa) I can't take it  anymore
*Lisa cries*
*William comes over and  hugs  lisa*
(William) it's ok i'm here to help you
(William) can you calm down lisa
(Lisa) yes
*Lisa  calms down*
(William) Ok 
(William) I will take the monsters away
*Lisa  looks behind her*
*Lisa screams*
*Lisa runs  into a  corner*
(William) What's wrong lisa 
(Lisa) I saw a  black monster behind  me 
*lisa cries*
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rodrick therapy session 1
*Amanda  walks in Rodrick's  room*
 (Amanda) Mark is  coming in to talk to you 
 (Rodrick) Ok then
(Rodrick) can you tell him that I have a massive headache
(Amanda) yeah I will
*Amanda went  into Mark's  office*
(Amanda) he is  not in a good mood
(Mark) oh really
(Amanda) he has a  headache and he seems down
(Mark) I will  look  into  that
*Mark went  into Rodrick's  room*
(Rodrick)oh hey doc
(Mark) hi Rodrick
(Mark) you have a  headache
(Rodrick) yeah
(Mark) with draw symptoms I see
(Rodrick) why can't  I smoke in the asylum
  (Mark) smoking is  not good  and  we are trying to get off your  habit
(Rodrick) but it's the only thing that  makes me  happy
*mark writes some  notes in his  note  pad* 
 (Mark) your sister sapphire  doesn't like it and  I don't like it nether
*Rodrick groans *
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lily therapy session 1
(mark) walks in  lily 's room
 (Mark) hey how are  you doing
 (lily) um  fine I guess
*mark takes  out lily's case  files*
(Mark) Lily something  bothering you
(Lily) well
(Lily) the dots
(Mark) hmm
(Mark) you have been taking medicine right
(Lily) yeah I take it with Amanda
(Mark) ok they still come  up
(Mark) is it in your dreams
(Lily) yes
(Lily) it scares me mark
(mark) writes some notes in his  notepad
(Lily)  I see them now  as well
 (Mark) hmm
(lily) I keep saying there  not real but they keep  coming and then then
*lily cries*
(Mark) come over here
*lily comes by mark and  mark hugs  lily*
(Mark) we have been talking about this
  (Mark) try to close your  eyes and relax
(Mark) shhh shhhh
(Mark) it's ok i'm here to take the  monsters away
(Lily) you will
(Mark) yes
(Mark) lily can you calm down for me
(Lily) ok
*lily calms down.*
(Mark) ok
(Mark) now close your ey
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Mature content
tiffany 's therapy session 1 :iconanimeandcreppypastas:animeandcreppypastas 0 0
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The Experiment
Pam had been unsatisfied with her life for a long time. She was a straight A college student and had a large circle of friends but she care for any of that. She was stressed out and tired of her life and always looking for chances for a new life. That was how she ended up in Dr. Young’s office offering to test out an experimental new regression therapy.
“This is an IDD, which stands for intelligence draining diaper.” Dr. Young explained, holding up what looked to Pam like an regular adult diaper in plastic wrap  “It is a special new invention in the field of mental regression. Once worn, it releases certain chemicals that travel straight to specific knowledge centers in the brain. It then transforms those parts of the brain into waste products, which go straight to the bowels and are then released into the diaper.”
“Why the diaper? Why not just give me a shot?” Pam asked
“We need to collect the stools to ensure proper progression of
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 204 14
Mature content
Enema Practice :iconportly-robust:Portly-Robust 88 6



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